What can Stratstar do for you today?

  • Profitability in 5 minutes Yes. Simply refer today's report from Stratstar Software. Access these to get the ultimate advantage.
  • Advantage Investor Stratstar comes with an incredible feature that self interprets and reflects the final interpretation to be acted upon.
  • Get Daily Tech Analysis Stratstar generates a daily report for all 1500 NSE stocks. Its indications are closest to being accurate.
  • Minimize Risk Risk is managed with information. Risk is further mitigated through comprehensive analysis of this information.
  • Get a Second Opinion Stratstar is a proven market timer; it gives you a reliable second opinion
  • Pedigree Designed by a team of veteran Technical Analysts, software specialists and senior business journalists.
How stratstar works

StratstarĀ stock recommendations are based purely on Technical Analysis and are generated onĀ an Automated Trading System, which has after comprehensive testing proved consistently and considerably reliable.

This is perhaps the only trading system in the world that on the basis of more than 18,600 mathematical computations, can not only identify primary trends, but also market cycles and automatically switch into tandem when trend changes occur, recomputing calculations to finally generate, what could be simply identified as - BUY / HOLD / SELL / AVOID BUYING signals.

The signals which are defined by the system are the result of monitoring and reviewing through thousands of historical test conducted on each individual stock and indices.

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